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Massachusetts Whale Trail

Are you ready to embark on an amazing adventure and have a whale of a good time! The Massachusetts Whale trail offers a one of a kind experience where you will have a whale of a good time. The Massachusetts Whale Trail features nearly 40 stops along the coast as well as a literary tangent connecting sites in Western Massachusetts. Whale Trail partners include museums, attractions, historic sites, educational centers, and tours. The trail contains 11 stops in the New Bedford area, including the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Seamen’s Bethel, and the “Whaleman” Statue. These sites and museums emphasize New Bedford’s connection to whales by creating opportunities for visitors to interact with these ocean giants through immersive exhibitions, which tell a cultural narrative of maritime Massachusetts.

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Proud sponsors with: Nantucket Convention & Visitors Bureau, Martha’s Vineyard Convention & Visitors Bureau, Cape Cod Convention & Visitors Bureau, Destination New Bedford, Plymouth County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, Cape Ann, and Newburyport!

The Southeastern Massachusetts Visitors Bureau is a collaboration among five chambers in Bristol County dedicated to the promotion of tourism and an enhanced visitor experience.

The Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism is the state agency dedicated to promoting tourism in the Commonwealth. MOTT’s mission is to promote Massachusetts as both a leisure and business travel destination for domestic and international markets and to contribute to the growth of the Commonwealth’s economy. MOTT works closely with 16 regional tourism councils across the state, and with larger tourism alliances such as Discover New England and BrandUSA.

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