Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary

Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary at La Salette

Once a center for healing, complete with herb gardens, Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary at La Salette is made up of 117 acres, and has long been a place for renewal and contemplation. Nature has reclaimed the land, and it now provides habitat for forest birds as well as 3 miles of trails for all to enjoy.

Sanctuary Highlights

  • Fully rope-guided universally accessible Reflection Trail that passes Brothers Pond and crosses a boardwalk over a vernal pool, with interpretation available in seasonal audio tours, large print, Braille, and tactile formats.
  • Red maple swamp bordered by fragrant sweet pepperbush, footbridge crossing a quiet stream, and a large rock outcropping of puddingstone.
  • Education pavilion at the trailhead that makes a great gathering spot for classes or groups.

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