Nestled between Boston, Providence & Cape Cod…

The Uncommon Place in the Commonwealth!

There’s no better place to sample a heavenly slice of Massachusetts than on the secluded beaches and in the cozy waterfront eateries, eclectic art galleries and awe-inspiring state parks of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should consider Southeastern Massachusetts for your next vacation…

  1. It’s Breezy & Beautiful… Located at the western end of Buzzards Bay, the sandy, southwest-facing, five-mile-long Horseneck Beach is breezy all year round, providing excellent wind surfing and a lovely respite from the warm summer sun. The combination of ocean beach and estuary habitat also makes Horseneck Beach one of the premier birding locations in New England.
  2. It’s Amazingly Arty… Did you know New Bedford was named the seventh most Artistic City in America in 2011 by the Atlantic CityLab? This impressive statistic is based on the ratio of residents who are professional artists. Stroll along this gorgeous city’s cobblestone streets and you’ll stumble upon galleries, museums and restaurant against a backdrop of exquisite period architecture. In fact, the Downtown Area has been designated a Cultural District because of the close proximity and large number of galleries and exhibits within walking distance to each other. Hop in a car or trolley and you can visit more galleries, artist studios and antique shops in converted textile mills in both the South End and North End of the City.
  3. It’s Heaven For Military History Buffs… Fall River’s Battleship Cove boasts the world’s largest collection of US Naval vessels. It is home to five National Historic Landmarks: Battleship USS Massachusetts, Destroyer USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr, the World War II Attack Submarine USS Lionfish, and PT Boats 617 and 796. The centerpiece of the museum is the USS Massachusetts, which arrived in Fall River in June of 1965 after a successful campaign by the wartime crew of “Big Mamie” to save the ship from the scrap yard.

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