Copicut Woods & the Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve

"Copicut Woods, a 516-acre property operated by The Trustees of Reservations, is the southern gateway to the 13,600-acre Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve.  The trails are open for walking, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. For nature lovers, Copicut Woods has streams, forests, and cedar swamps. Some of the fauna are deer, coyote, hawks, owls, and salamanders. One favorite among the three miles of trails at Copicut is a 150 year-old cart path lined with stone walls under a canopy of trees.  Together with the Miller Brook Conservation Area, walkers can enjoy 5.4 miles of trails.
The Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve is one of the largest unfragmented forests in Eastern Massachusetts. Many would agree this represents a monumental achievement in collaboration between the Commonwealth, the City of Fall River and The Trustees of Reservations. The common goal is to protect 13,600-acres of unbroken forest and is the first in the state to exercise unified ecological management to such a large area owned by multiple partners. Visitors will find remnants of historic farms, glistening ponds among the many trails."

Indian Town Road
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