Uncle Ed’s Front Porch

For over 30 years, Uncle Ed's Front Porch has been serving delicious, homemade ice cream in a friendly, family atmosphere. Here at Uncle Ed's, we treat our ice cream as both an art and a science. From the carefully calculated proportions of cream, air, and flavoring, to the skillfully sculpted scoops that we serve, we strive to produce the highest quality ice cream possible. Uncle Ed likes to say that ice cream is like gasoline; there is a whole range of grades that you can buy. From lower quality grades, which can been too airy, gummy, or icy, all the way up to premium and super premium ice cream, not all ice creams are created equal. At Uncle Ed's, we take great pride in producing FDA standard super premium ice cream. We start with the freshest ingredients and carefully add just the right amount of cream and air to create our signature taste. Where other ice cream manufacturers take short-cuts to sell you a cheap product, leaving you with more air than ice cream, Ed's is proud to scoop out only the best quality ice cream. That's 30 years of super premium happiness!

116 Winthrop Street
Rehoboth, MA 02769
Phone: 508-252-4100

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