Chaloo's Restaurant

"Kabob is the Persian word for meat cooked over open fire – The secret of a good Kabob is in the marinating of the meat – Chelo Kabob is derived from two words: Chelo meaning cooked rice and Kabob - Here at Chaloos we only use top quality USDA choice beef, chicken, lamb and Rock Cornish hens marinated in our special sauces and spices.
Rice is the jewel of Persian cuisine – As with her art of miniature painting and poetry, Persia has carried preparation of rice to extraordinary heights of refinement and perfection– Through a simple cooking process, the grains swell individually without sticking together – The result is a light, fluffy and extremely tasty rice.
Over 30 vegetarian dishes offered!"

574 Washington Street
Easton, MA 02375
Phone: 508-230-1888

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