Who Else Wants To Discover The 5 Shades Of Spring In Southeastern Mass?

Although we are still looking forward to warm weather in Southeastern Massachusetts, days are getting longer and flowers are blooming, which indicate the spring season!  During this rebirth season the Southeastern has a way of bringing out the best in you. Here are 5 activities that can help you take full advantage and bloom along with the season.


 The New Bedford Museum of Glass

Adventurers’ delight!

Learning always seems to be a boring activity unless it has a kick of fun and exploration in it.  A visit at the New Bedford Museum of Glass will give you a clear picture of what I am talking about. Incorporated in 1993 as The Glass Art Center in Bradford Mass, it later relocated in New Bedford in 2005 with the name The New Bedford Museum of Glass. This was a time when the extensive glass industry was flourishing in the late 19th and 20th centuries. This small but significant museum is thoughtfully crafted to provide interesting educational tours to feed your wondering mind. Equipped with more than 7,000 objects documenting more than 3,000 years of glass making history, it is located at 61 Wamsutta St. New Bedford.

With $5 or less you can take full advantage of a wide-ranging tour at the museum. For more information click here


New Bedford Harbor Walk

Bikini body!

Spring is a crunch time for getting your bikini body ready for summer. The New Bedford Harbor gives you the opportunity to work toward your New Years resolution without spending a dime. Opened in 2015, the Harbor Walk is 3,880 feet long and tops New Bedford’s hurricane barrier on the east side of the city as it connects with a bike path that runs along the waterfront to the tip of the peninsula. The Harbor Walk gives visitors a panoramic view to the beach while walking, jogging, or biking along the paved, elevated path. The pathway is also lit at night, making any time a good time to take in the natural wonder of South Coast.

You can also bring your along pet as it pet friendly. For information about the Harbor click here


CuttyHunk Ferry Co.

Breeze sets me free!

Nothing feels more relaxing than a day trip on a comfortable, friendly, and safe ferry with the experienced crew on the Cuttyhunk Ferry.  Owned and operated by Captain Jono Billings and his wife, Sue, their newest and largest m/v CuttyHunk is a beautiful maintained whale-watch-style boat; Perfect for about 149 passengers year round trips to and from CuttyHunk Island in just one hour. The Cuttyhunk Ferry Co., Inc. also offers a selection of unique recreational activities such as seasonal seal watches, sunset cruises, dinner and theater cruises. It can also be a best venue for memorable events such as; corporate charters, cocktail parties, fundraisers, and wedding ceremonies.

If you are still wondering what to do this spring, step into the wind and breeze mode by booking a trip with CuttyHunk Ferry Co.

Click here for more information about CuttyHunk Ferry.


Escape the mystery Room

Ecstasy plaza!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Southeastern is not just known for its history. It also has a variety of entertaining activities. During this spring and summer seasons you might want to visit the escape rooms which have become SUPER popular over the last couple of years. People of all different ages and backgrounds have found themselves enjoying the thrill and challenge of trying to escape one or more of the rooms at “Escape the Mystery Room” at 999 S Washington St, North Attleborough Mass.

The escape room entertainment started as a single room in Georgia and rapidly expanded to over 28 locations in 27 different states. Most facilities offer 8 – 10 different types of escape themes. Themes range from “Black Ops” and “Zombie Apocalypse”, to “Escape from Alcatraz” and “Super Hero”.

The N. Attleborough escape room prides itself by providing immerse and interactive adventure in an open air, clean, spacious, and well-maintained facility through exceptional guest service.

Visit the Attleborough location today by clicking here, and experience the adventure for yourself!


The Pasta House

Food pals

The Southeastern makes sure we eat to live by offering local delicacies to keep your palate refined. The Pasta House is known as one the best restaurant of the area for its reliable, consistent and delicious meals.  Owned by three consecutive owners, it has remained a Fairhaven landmark for more than thirty years. Located at 100 Alden Road, Fairhaven, it is a warm atmosphere with excellent entrees served by skilled and welcoming staff. It also provides catering services for wedding, bridal and baby showers, office events and more.

The pride of The Pasta House is a unique Italian ambiance, top quality food and wine, endless variety, and impeccable service with an ample parking lot space.

For more information about The Pasta House click here.