New Bedford Open Studios: North End Series

In just two days on November 21st, New Bedford Open Studios (NBOS) will host its North End Opening Party from 5-9p at Hatch St. Studios. If you missed last month’s Open Studios series event in the South End, you’re going to want to redeem yourself by making it to this one.

Booming with music, live performances, local food sponsored by Destination Soups (um, who would miss that?) and, of course, a free art showcase (happening Saturday and Sunday) from a collective of eclectic talents that make New Bedford one of the most happening art scenes in the country- this is the event of the season! Following the Opening Party, the North End’s Open Studios series will be held on November 22nd, 10a-5p & November 23rd, 11a-5p at Hatch St. and Ropeworks.

To celebrate and educate, we decided to give a nod to several NBOS artists that encompass the diversity of the #NBArt community, from the studios that make up the NBOS group in its entirety: Orchard St. Studios, Killburn Artist Studios, Ropeworks and Hatch St. Studios.


Orchard Street Studios

Daniel Kern: Daniel Kern is a freelance visual artist and illustrator who uses ink and watercolor to create haunting, bold pieces. His work creates a sense of “mystery” within the viewer. The watercolors on his website,, tell a passionate story of death, danger, or unexplained feelings of the unknown by using heavy reds and black in aquatic scenes. His illustrations are thought-provoking, typically black and white and depict scenes and emotions familiar to our region.

Margaret MacLellan: MacLellan uses paper mache to create life-like animal sculptures. We love her work, in part because of her story. MacLellan worked as a veterinary technician for years before tapping into her creative calling that is creating medium to large works of art and blending her passion for animals into those works. According to The New Bedford Open Studios site “the artist hopes that viewers will be moved by the art to appreciate the animals in their lives, and in the wild.” We think it’d be hard not to.                                                                                                                                                                           

Kilburn Artist Studios

JMac Studio & Design: Joana M R Carreiro is a photographer and designer with a background in design and cinema.  The Hofstra graduate photographs women and children primarily, and does a beautiful job of capturing the essence of what it means to be a confident woman, especially in romantically intimate vintage settings.  She most enjoys “fashion themed photography,” as she’s been quoted saying. Carreiro creates emotion-invoking photography through use of basic sets that allow emphasis to be put on the subject. Our favorite piece, a black and white composition titled “Doll” features a hopeful young girl gazing off into the distance. She sits tall in front of a dark casted backdrop that provides incredible juxtaposition to her fair complexion and bright eyes.

Stryker Jeff: Stryker Jeff’s bio on the NBOS website tells his story best “…after 30 years of performing…I hung up my bass guitar and picked up a paintbrush.” What began as a pastime for Jeff quickly became a way of life. His painting and sculptures are without boundaries. He uses old newspapers, hangers, paper, and just about anything you can think of to create highly textural pieces that are both, dark but familiar. His use of dark primary color and thick lines create curious visual enchantment in all of his paintings, and his ability to use everyday items in his work allow for a resourceful familiarity within the undiscovered.


Teresa Kochis: The only performing artist on our list, Teresa Kochis is an aerial performer, who instructs and creates original works through her company, Overhead Arts. She has been a featured performer in the dance film Melo, and has performed in Brazil, New York City, Montreal, and other venues world wide. So, it’s safe to say she’s comfortable swinging from the rafters of her home based studio.


Hatch Street Studio

John & Jennie Elias: This duo, based out of Westport, MA, creates whimsical hummingbird feeders, ornaments, jewelry, vases and more through the delicate art of glass blowing. Their website features uniquely shaped, brightly colored works that are fun, practical and one-of-a-kind!

Alma Cummings: Cummings is a painter who uses wax, oil, and other mixed media to create abstract images that symbolize developing stages of life. Cummings’ work incorporates fabric, string, beads, and foils that are embedded in wax and painted to create strong compositions that feel “nature like”.


These are only a few examples of the incredible artistry that goes on behind the New Bedford Open Studios doors! Be sure to visit Hatch Street Studios located on 88 Hatch Street in New Bedford from 5-9pm this Friday, November 21 for the New Bedford North End Open Studios Party, and then the actual North End Studios series happening November 22, 10a-5p and November 23, 11a-5p!