K.Garcia Productions: Love Where You Live SouthCoast

I had the honor to personally meet Kelsey Garcia in April of 2016 at the #MassMillennials event in UMass Dartmouth Fall River off-campus site Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She is one of the sweetest and most driven young woman I have ever met, truly an inspiration. Her dream in life was to work in something within photography. In April 2012 she started her own business in photography and video production named K.Garcia Production. She is currently in her senior year at UMass Dartmouth studying Marketing. She is an active member of the Fall River Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. In 2016 she was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and also a nominee for the SouthCoast Emerging Leader Awards.

In the beginning of 2016 summer Kelsey posted on her Facebook page of K.Garcia Productions (Facebook.com/KGarciaProductions) about a project to promote SouthCoast Massachusetts and the rich textile industry. Kelsey writes on her website (http://www.kgarciaproductions.com/SouthCoast.html) "'Love Where You Live SouthCoast' showcases clothing and accessories made here, and modeled by leaders in the area, to highlight the region’s rich history in the textile industry." On Thursday August 25, 2016 come and see the project complete in a ONE NIGHT gallery opening located at Government Center Fall River, Ma from 6 to 8 pm. The event is sponsored by AHA Fall River and Carl's Collision. #SouthCoastStyle