How to be Part of ArtWeek!

What is ArtWeek?

ArtWeek is an award winning festival that will feature hundreds of different opportunities for you to access art, culture, and a way to let your creativeness flow! So if you are someone who loves art, wants to learn more about the culture in your area this is the event for you!  ArtWeek is a 10-day event starting April 27th running all the way through May 6th. ArtWeek is now an annual event that started back in 2013 as a small event in Boston but now has expanded all across the commonwealth. Since ArtWeek started back in 2013, about 60% of the events have been free! So if you like, art or are looking to unleash your creative potential this is the perfect event to be a part of help make ArtWeek successful once again and let those creative juices flow!!


How can I be a part of ArtWeek?

If you would like to be a part of this wonderful event, you can go to or you can contact for more information. ALL applications are due by February 28, 2108