Celebrate the Flag That Sparked A Revolution

The Love of County and The Desire for Freedom

On October 21st, 1774 Taunton raised a 112 foot liberty pole and attached a Union Jack flag with the words Liberty and Union attached in block letters. This was the first flag of rebellion raised by the American colonists in opposition to British rule and would go on to become the City of Taunton’s flag. At the raising, David Cobb read a pledge by the Sons of Liberty “to preserve sacred and inviolate our birthrights” and the proclamation was tacked to the pole for all to see. Taunton Patriots had openly declared their defiance of British rule and defaced a British flag in the process. Less than six months later, action up north in Lexington and Concord had lead to declarations of war and the American Revolution had officially begun.

Since then, the city has celebrated with an annual Liberty and Union Weekend. The weekend celebration begins with The Liberty Libations Downtown Taunton Tavern Tour on Friday, October 14th at 5:30 pm at the Trescott Street Gallery. The night begins with a beer tasting then at 7 the tavern tour begins, visiting serveral of the downtown establishments. Tickets are $5 per person and include the beer tasting, raffle tickets, and free cover at the Sandbar Grill, which offers live entertainment. This is a 21+ event. On Saturday, October 15, the annual raising of the Liberty and Union flag will be held at Old Colony History Museum at 12 noon, museum admission will be free to the public, all day. The Festival will take place after on the Church Green until 4pm, admission is free. The Festival takes you back in time to the 18th century with music, food, and crafts in remembrance on the American Revolution. Kids are invited to visit the Pumpkin Patch where they can decorate a Patriotic Pumpkin to take home. Check out the full schedule at libertyandunion.org. The festival is organized by a partnership through Downtown Taunton Foundation, First Parish Church in Taunton, Old Colony History Museum, and fund provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

Looking for more to do around Taunton?

Try your hand at solving the mystery of Dighton Rock, a 40 ton “glacial erratic” boulder covered in petroglyphs, carved designs of ancient and uncertain origin.  Originally resting on the shore of the Taunton River, the rock was moved in 1963 and enclosed in a glass box, which a museum was built around. People have been theorizing about who place created the petroglyphs since 1680 when the leading theory was the Wampanoag Indians, other theories include the Phoenicians, the Vikings, the Portuguese and the Chinese. Think you can solve the mystery? Call 508-822-7537 and schedule your visit.


Feeling Hungry while in Taunton?

Grab a bite to eat at El Mariachi is a very-low key cantina dishes up familiar Mexican plates, margaritas and desserts. Owned by the Lopes brothers, who grew up in a town outside of Guadalajara the restuarant boast being the first authentic Mexican restaurant in Taunton. Not in the mood for Mexican try the Ugly Duckling which resides in the remolded first floor of the 1930’s Belmore Hotel. The menu boast a variety of food and everyone is sure to find something. Check out thier ducky deals to find a great daily special. 




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