Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Looking out over Lake Talaquega, it’s hard to imagine that this serene 51 acre setting was once a buzzing entertainment destination, complete with a casino and hotel. Now Oak Knoll, just minutes from downtown Attleboro, offers a natural respite with wooded trails spanning 1.5 miles and a boardwalk winding through a red maple swamp, upland forest, and freshwater marsh, and around the lake’s perimeter.


Sanctuary Highlights


  • Fragrant and colorful gardens, with native plants offering food and shelter to birds and butterflies.
  • Native turtle species, invertebrates, and other exhibits in the nature center, a former residence built in 1759.
  • Easy-to-see tracks and signs of wildlife such as cottontail rabbits and foxes.
  • Salamanders and frogs in and around the vernal pools.
  • The nature play area, where kids can use found objects to build fairy homes, hide in a giant bird’s nest, and hop along Sid the Snake Stump Jump.

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