Mansfield Community Mural

A 325 foot long outdoor mural, depicting the history of mansfield, on the underpass wall of route 106 through Mansfield. Painting starting in May of 2013 until the cool weather of late October suspended work until spring 2014. It is totally funded by local businesses, residents and grants with volunteer participation. The artist, Ian Gaudreau, a graduate of Mansfield High School in 2000, has designed, researched the history and painted the images, along with help from his 3 assistants.  The first photo is a view of the historical images that tell the story of Mansfield. The second photo is closer view of some images including the geese (Mansfield had the largest goose farm in the world at one time), Jennie Copeland,  Mansfield's historian in 1936 and author of the book "Every Day But Sunday", a rich source of history for Ian. In front of Jennie the race track, now Mansfield Airport, is taking shape and just behind Jennie are the green houses for the thousands of gladiolas grown in Mansfield. The third photo shows Ian painting the old town hall across from South Common along with other older buildings. Residents and supporters and the artists would like to fast-forward 6 months so they can get back to work, complete this hugh project and join the big celebration at the dedication of our wonderful mural.

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