Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

Feast of the Blessed Sacrament - The Madeira Feast

With something to please everyone, this traditional mid-summer gathering for family and friends has become the Largest Portuguese Feast in the World and the largest ethnic festival in New England. Enjoy mouthwatering, made-to-order Portuguese recipes, like cabrito (stewed goat), cohelo (grilled or stewed rabbit), and milho frito (fried cornmeal) just to name a few. You can even purchase Grade A beef medallions and grill your own carne de espeito (Madeiran-style shish kabob) over an open range fire pit. Don't forget, the Feast celebrates the blessed sacrament of wine. It wouldn't be a Madeira Fest experience without a 7oz cup of Madeira Wine, aged, barreled and shipped right from Madeira, itself.

50 Madeira Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02746
Phone: 508-992-6911

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